Chantelle Lucyl | Bionic Bralette In Red
Chantelle Lucyl | Bionic Bralette In Red

Chantelle Lucyl | Bionic Bralette In Red

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Bionic Bralette in red handmade by Chantelle Lucyl. 6 strap anchored bralette with mesh interlining to endure swim and pleasure. Designed to illuminate the under-boob-cleavage. Complete with final hand-finishes. Shown in mint as well.

Can be worn over garments and treated as an accessory piece around the waist. Sizes are designed based on cup size ranging from: AA-B | B-C | C-D | E-F

For male bodies, sizes AA-B and B-C are recommended. 

Article I.  Your clothes were made to worship you.

An article of clothing or garment that adorns your skin should be made with the intention of worshipping the skin it finds itself upon. 
The transfer of intention through design and execution will manifest
itself into a garment so charged with love for the body, that it will bring us deeper appreciation and communion with the bodies we occupy.

Article II.  Your clothes should make you feel held tightly in love.

In the duty of worship of the body/skin from the clothes, the garment must comfortably exert a pressure upon an area of skin that may
mimic a hug or something of that nature. This is to release oxytocin in the brain, further stimulating the trust
between wearer and garment, resulting in the ultimate liberation of the sexual self.

Article III.  Your clothes do not have to be about your body. The Brain is a sexual organ, too.

Do not limit yourself. Do not limit your sexuality. Liberate. Be free. Commune with the inner self that is eternally
expressed through sex.



100% Lycra 

Interlining: 92% Spandex 8% Nylon