In Conversation With Ruby Webb

Get to know Ruby Webb of Fruitful Interpretation of Time (FiOT). FiOT is a woman owned and operated business run by Ruby Webb that uses sustainable textiles to create wearable one of a kind pieces. Handmade in Portland, Oregon.
How did you get into fashion? 
I can’t exactly remember when, but since a young age I’ve loved styling and dressing up, but it was always hard for me to find my style in my size. After being apart of a re-workshop run by Alexa Stark, I realized it was possible to make my own clothes. After months of self-taught sewing practice, and selling pieces to my friends, classmates and teachers, I started the online and in-person venture of Fruitful Interpretation of Time (FiOT). 
What brands or designers have previously or currently inspired you?
Here’s my top 4 at the moment: 
How does designing impact your life? 
Before I started sewing, creative concepts never came into my mind. Now it’s all I think about. I get a lot of ideas for garments or photoshoots right before bed, so I now have a notebook on my bedside table to write and sketch out designs and save them for morning interpretations. 
What feelings do you hope to inspire in people when they're wearing your clothes?
I hope more people appreciate and support small, sustainable, and size inclusive businesses! I want people to feel satisfied with their purchases and our interactions. It brightens my day when I see someone either in real life or online wear my work or compliment what I’m wearing. I want my work to resonate and be loved for countless years. 
Aside from fashion, what do you find interesting at the moment?
Right now I love houses and clocks. I’m very object based and adore all types of knick knacks. I feel like I’m a miniature maximalist, physically and mentally.
What do you have on the forefront that you are excited about?
I’ve been enjoying doing consignment and custom orders with multiple brands, and want to continue on that path with hopefully more opportunities opening up as we speak! I’m itching for a clothing business trip somewhere! 
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