Wildcare | SunRoot Solar Serum

Wildcare | SunRoot Solar Serum


Golden Hour SunRoot Solar Serum is a nutritional supplement for the face.

Starring a 4 week solar infusion of organic artichoke leaf, with warming turmeric root and juicy fruit oils of Rose hip, Raspberry Seed, and Sea Buckthorn, SunRoot radiates a garden’s bounty. Botanical components marry to calm inflammation and deliver a desired dose of vitamins and beneficial minerals such as copper and zinc. Its ability to increase collagen production assists with cell regeneration & repair- your ideal boost for nourished skin. From root to fruit, sky to earth, savor this dynamic serum AM or PM in your skincare ritual.

Purpose -

Repair from sun damage, pro-aging, anti-inflammatory, increased cell renewal, collagen production

Energetic and Aromatic Profile -

Formulated to center and ground with heart-healing botanicals. Aroma is evocative of ginger, rich amyris wood, uplifting bergamot fruit and undertones of Bulgarian rose petals.

Highlights - ***** 90+% Organic Formula *****    

Organic Artichoke Leaf - Boosts collagen development. Contains cynaropicrin, a component which helps reduce sun damage. High in Vitamin C which brightens & aids in minimizing fine lines. Ideal for mature skin.

Organic Turmeric Co2 - Spicy & vibrant, a top pick for fighting inflammation. It has been shown to be a skin brightener- fading the appearance of scars and inflammatory flare-ups thanks to its highly antibacterial component curcumin, found specifically in the Co2 extract (not in the essential oil).

Organic Amaranth Seed C02 - Remarkably helpful in supporting those with maturing and/or imbalanced skin. High in Linoleic Acid, meaning it is part of the Omega family that aids in wound healing, cell regeneration, and is highly repairative. It is also a great choice for maintaining elasticity & smoothing deep scars or wrinkles.

Organic Sea Buckthorn Co2 - High in Antioxidants, Vitamins A, C, & E, containing the entire family of Omegas. One drop carries 190 different bioactive compounds. Aids in healing and regenerating tissue that has been scarred, burned, or wounded. Extremely supportive to dry skin that experiences inflammation such as eczema, acne & dermatitis. May act as a natural sun barrier for minimal exposure.

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May stain clothing or linens. Allow product to fully absorb.

1 oz. Genuine UV Protected Violet Glass

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